Monday, July 23

Our Awesome All Star!

It has been quite a busy summer with Hank and his love of baseball, one I don't see ending anytime soon. It was a summer of ball fields, heat, baseballs tossed around the house and in the yard, Frogg Togg's, water bottles, ice packs, and lots and lots of sound; bats pounding, "heads up," chattering, laughing, and cheering! Our baseball season began in March with our normal recreation league and playing with Pleasant Grove Eagles in our community. This led to Hank being invited to try out for All, for All Stars at 6 years old, I wasn't really expecting a whole lot--boy was I in for a rude awakening. Kelly, as Hank's regular season coach, assisted in tryouts and committed to assist in coaching one of the two teams that Whitfield County represents and sponsors for local district and state tournaments in the state of Georgia. After a very good tryout and ranking fairly high out of the other thirty-six 6-7 year olds trying out for the 7U All Star team, Hank was picked and placed on the #1 team representing our county. As a 3rd basemen on the PG Eagles, we knew Hank was going to be challenged with a bigger and better variety of athletes, with better arms and aim for first base (which is the usual job for this age group--making the out at first)--a challenge we were excited for him to face. Ultimately, Hank took a position in the outfield, a place where he was able to use his ability to catch fast and hard hits and pop-ups and that good arm he has to get it back into the infield. A job that Kelly and I was happy for him to have, to have the ability to learn a new position with new responsibilities. With this team many positive events came about--new players, new coaches, and best of all new friends...11 other boys from all over our entire county. We practiced 4-6 days of week for four weeks; hitting, throwing, running, backing up the infield, swinging from the hips, catching "flies", and falling more in love with the sport. Our first game for district began with playing a team from Boynton-we walked up and saw matching bat bags, a big banner with team picture proudly displayed, parents with all matching and coordinating shirts and clothes, little brothers and sisters sporting their brothers' numbers, needless to say very intimidating! How could a typical All Star team, like ours, have all these things and be so prepared to play in our first All Star tournament? Little did we know...SELECT leagues and teams existed at this age level too as long as they were a true representation of their county. We were in for a big surprise and so were our precious boys, the top kids (for the most part) from our county, we were really expecting to do well. Our season ended after two weekends of play-2 games each with an 0-4 record...not a very good record for district and state for our first shot at a title. 
Here are some photos from the first two tournaments: 
Coach Dad

Proud Momma despite the loss.
New buddy AJ
All Star Wolf Pack
Team outing at Rome Braves baseball for July 4th Fireworks-with AJ

After our long and somewhat short experience with the Whitfield Wolf Pack, we were asked to join team #2, Xpolosion, to play with them in the Rick Honeycutt World Series. This was such an honor and privilege; number one -our cousin Asa is on this team, and two -just because Hank wanted to keep playing. With the addition to team 2, Hank played an additional season of baseball, where his skills and abilities grew by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, the four games we played with the Xplosion, didn't turn out well either, 0-4...but we don't regret it!

Team prayer before their game
Playing left field for #2 All Star team
Showing off his good batting stance and really making the original Hammerin' Hank (#44) proud!
Sliding in at third

He's just so handsome!
We loved this experience, the experience of being at the ball fields all summer and watching our baby grow and develop into quite the little baseball player...we love it so much, Kelly has signed up to coach a select/travel team. We are now officially a Legend, Hank is player #1, the first picked of seven that have been asked to try-out. Hank and his May 13th birthday has set him up to play 7 year old baseball for an additional season, allowing Kelly to pick 10-12 6 and 7 year olds that can play together for an extended amount of hopes of reaching talent and skill levels of those we saw at District/State/World. We are excited, anxious, nervous, but most of all proud, proud of Hank and his athletic accomplishments (along with all of his others:)). Stay tuned for updates on our new baseball team and adventure!

Monday, July 2

Moving On and Catching Up

Whew, what  a busy year we have had. I have yet to make a single post for 2012-but a special one it has been. We have stayed busy with basketball, ballet and gymnastics, baseball and soccer, birthdays, job changes, and summer fun! Take a trip beginning with a look back in to the fall and then the New Year 2012 and see where we've been...
Family pictures on Lookout Mountain at Point Park

Coy turns 5!
 Tour of the historic Tunnels in good old Tunnel Hill (my home town) before heading back to school after winter break.

February celebrations...
Valentine's Day breakfast!
Ganny's birthday
March fun...
Women of Joy conference in Louisville
Touring Church Hill Downs
Enjoying some good food
 Off to Savannah for some R&R and green fun!
Tybee Island
 Cornhole Saturdays
 Another Football Alumni weekend

Spring ballet recital
Eden's first year on Point shoes.
Birthday celebrations
Hank turns 7...bowling party!
Mother's Day
Sports and gymnastics
Our All Star...Hank was named to the Whitfield County #1 team following the county championships.

Completion of 4th and 1st grade and Awards Day

May 31st
#10...sleepover and pool party!
head to the beach!
Panama City Beach with the Hessenbruch's
Happy Father's Day and a new car:)
All Star Baseball

We have had a fun and exciting first half of the year with so much going on. I completed my first full year of teaching-I had so much fun, learned a lot, and loved unconditionally! The children I teach and work with will open your heart and show you what true love is. My preschool babies who have been dealt a harder hand at 3 years old than most of us will ever face, need so much love and attention...I thoroughly love my job. In May I signed my second contract to teach for my second year and I absolutely cannot wait! Kelly, on the other hand, has had quite the experience in the job market. Something that with my teaching salary and contract we could afford to play with more in today's market. In August Kelly left working for his dad for almost 12 years to search and explore new opportunities. With today's market and the carpet industry in Dalton we were blessed that he did have so many doors open. Due to Kelly's expertise, yet the uncertainty of the industry, Kelly was able to test out several opportunities in our area. As of May, Kelly took a new adventure and took on a new job, with a fairly new company in our area. We are so excited to see what the future holds for him at Engineered Floors. So with me teaching and Kelly back in the floor/shipping industry, our family has been fairly busy. Along with our career adventures, we also embarked on a journey with Eden and pursuing her dreams. Eden is quite the dramatic entertainer and puts a smile on the face of everyone who meets her. In April I took her to audition for AMTC in Atlanta. AMTC is a Christian company that assist talent in obtaining their goals and training them for the "entertainment business" and preparing them to be approached by and work with talent agents and scouts. She will be attending an event, SHINE, in Orlando in January. At the end of this week Eden will have performed multiple workshops in her areas of modeling and acting and possibly attend call-backs with agents in the business. 
Eden's audition in ATL
Along with our busyness outside of the home, I have also embarked on a new hobby of sewing for my self. With a Pinterest-inspired-world, I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and my personal Santa obliged:). Needless to say I have been creating away with my biggest goal being quilting.
Here are some of my projects...
My quilted top, yet to be finished.
An owl pillow for a birthday gift to a friend of Eden's
Hank's birthday shirt
An American Girl Doll dress
A baby tag blanket
Stay tuned to see what else is in store with the Scruggs family for the second half of 2012! Coming up in July we have State tournament for All Stars, both kids will be off to Camp Glisson, and then in August we head back to school and start all over with all the fun that comes with a new year.